Analysis Of The Movie ' The Mistress '

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1. Why does Charles Foster Kane force Susan Alexander to become an Opera Singer? Why is it so important to him? Kane’s friend Leland states that Kane always has something to prove it is also evident that throughout the movie Kane wants to be loved by the public; when Jim Gettys made it possible for the press to make public that Kane was having an affair the press called the mistress a “singer” as opposed to singer. Kane set out to make his lover Susan into an opera singer because this is to him the only way to recuperate from the scandal and to justify his relationship with Susan. Kane goes as far as to build a theater for Susan to perform in, Susan protested many times due to the bad reviews she was receiving, but Kane was hungry for public attention; Kane put his wife through various lessons and shows to make the public recognize his wife as a singer. We can also see that Kane might also enjoy his wife’s performances, as it is shown that often times he is left as the only person applauding Susan’s performances. The only way Kane was convinced to end Susan’s career was through her suicide attempt but even then he tried to convince her that she needs to fight for the approval of the people, which of course Susan declined.
2. Why did he collect the “loot of the world”? The “loot of the world” is in reference to Kane’s Private pleasure ground, Xanadu. Kane had Xanadu built after many failures and losses throughout his life, including, the death of his son, the loss of his…
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