Analysis Of The Movie ' The Night '

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Fortunato died in the wall after a few days of being inside the wall. Years later there once was a girl named Lucy who was the daughter of Fortunato who was born before he died but he never knew he had a daughter. Lucy really wanted to go to the local carnival but her parents never liked the carnival because when they went on a date before their daughter was born they had a bad altercation with one of the rides and they had to sue carnival for twenty million big ones. She was adopted by a couple when her father died. She really liked her moms but when they told Lucy that they would never go to that place ever again and that there are plenty of opportunities to go other places. Lucy had a chance once when her class went in 4th grade but her parents just told the school that they would be on vacation only so she couldn 't go. Lucy grew up with the same friends that she has had since birth, they all went to the same school since they could even talk. Lucy 's friends always told her about how great the carnival was and that she really missed the great adventure, which not only added gas to her fire but it made her go on a rage. This rage lasted for weeks and weeks and she ended up destroying her room just to show her parents how bad she wanted to go to the carnival. The night that she destroyed her room a little leprechaun about the same size of her foot with a face that looked cute, according to Lucy which made it easier for the leprechaun to convince her into going with him

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