Analysis Of The Movie ' The Night '

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Brianna flinches slightly as Josh stands up, the empty spot on the hospital bed slightly discomforting to her. She nearly reaches out to grab his hand, afraid that she would never see him again once he leaves the room. Brianna 's mother silently examines the pair; the way Brianna 's eyes turn sad as Josh stood, and the way Josh 's eyes softened, reassuring her that he would be back. As they leave the room, Josh finds it unusual that Brianna 's mother did not argue to stay in the room. She was family, he is sure that they would have made an exception. Yet, here they stood, together in the dimly lit hallways, coughs echoing across the bare walls every now and then. Josh stands stiffly in silence, clearly uncomfortable of being alone with this foreign stranger, Brianna 's mother no less. Josh fixes his eyes on a nearly patient being wheeled into emergency surgery. The woman looks to be around Brianna 's age, with the same fair blonde hair and porcelain skin. He watches as the doctors scramble to keep the girl breathing. Josh notices the pronounced stab wound on the woman 's chest. He wonders what possibly would have happened to the woman, what vicious man would do such a thing. The sight of the woman is enough to remind Josh of Brianna 's state only a few hours prior. And yet he watches, curious what the fate of the stranger will be in the end, curious if she will be as fortunate as Brianna. "Is that what she looked like?" Brianna 's mother asks, finally breaking the

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