Analysis Of The Movie ' The Night '

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Pamela was the name given to her at birth by her mama which was her mama’s. That was thirty-eight years ago. Now a former prostitute from Miami, Pamela could barely remember her mother or the last time anybody truly loved her. She had left South Beach three days before the outbreak intent on visiting her friend Melinda who was staying with her father at his place in Elmira, NY. But, after having arrived a day early and not wanting to be a burden. Pamela decided to make a stop at the Ramapo Valley resort just outside of Monticello for the night. Melinda, who had also been a former working girl, had left Miami six years earlier when she had chosen to turn her life around by getting clean. At the time, a local pimp who only went by the name of “Rangel” had tried to kill her for stealing an eight ball of cocaine and two hundred dollars from him while he slept in a hotel room they’d been staying in. Rangel had chased Melinda for four days before finally catching up to her at a bowling alley near the airport where she had spent the better part of the day turning tricks. He then beat her unconscious knocking out several of her teeth before raping and robbing her, and leaving her die behind the facility. After the assault, Melinda had lain in a coma for two days, and upon hearing of the attack, Pamela had contacted Melinda’s estranged father, Frank, informing him of the assault. Frank immediately got on the first flight from JFK to Miami

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