Analysis Of The Movie ' The Night Of Hotel Porn '

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participating in an orgy. Midway through the film, low and behold Creepy was seen with the lead character. It is rumored to this day that Creepy had become the king of hotel porn.
Hard to believe that it could happen in an affluent area, but it seemed as though the hotel was besieged with a rash of deviant behavior. One afternoon a reservation server went to the ladies room in the main lobby. The ladies room was elegant and in fact many that were in the area shopping or doing business would oftentimes stop in just to use the facility. The reservation server came running out of the ladies room screaming at the front desk that she had been violated. Upon calming down, she explained that a man slid under the door flat on his back and looked
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It also seemed strange that this particular vendor was exactly ten dollars less than the lowest bid. It was even stranger that once the project started the entire scope of work was different from the original plans. The not surprising development was that the vendor turned out to be a friend of Scam’s, and the two would take from the owners on every project they could. When all of these facts were presented at a staff meeting, Scam simply glared across the boardroom table at Elko and stated, “If you want to wrestle with me you 're going to lose”. Bootlick, within two months, eliminated the purchasing position and Elko lost his job.
During his last days Elko remained positive and did not lose his unique sense of humor. The staff would often times hold their weekly meeting on the top floor of the hotel. From the lounge, everyone could view the main street and the surrounding malls. At this last meeting with Elko, the staff noticed a man standing out front with a sign wrapped around his neck. A homeless man was frequently seen in front of the hotel with a sign stating, “Will work for food”. This time, however, it was not a homeless man it was Elko with a huge smile on his face. He showed a lot of class for someone who was given a raw deal. This was only the tip of the iceberg when it came to Scam and Bootlick.


The group was able to withstand these harsh blows to their family. It

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