Analysis Of The Movie ' The Night '

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10 rockets shoot out like a cannon and on the television, many more missiles shoot into the sky. In a few days, rain will begin to fall over Bejing due to the missiles. Ming meets up with Xiao for their fake date in a cafe. After Yaya comes, Xiao leaves. Ming and Yaya grab a taxi and head to another restaurant. About the same time, Lu breaks up with Mei in a cafe. Mei angrily hails out and gets a taxi while Lu follows behind her. Ming watches the scene as he passes by. Next day, Lu sees Mei is now with Weng.

Grandpa tries to reach his ripe fruits with an old ladder and falls down. He is hospitalized
When Grandpa gets home, he sees a basket full with ripe fruits. He tries one but it’s just not the same as he remembered it. Grandpa looks at Grandma’s profile pictures and she looks very happy in the picture.

Fong comes to Ming’s house drunk, and his car is banged up in the front. Fong has been seeing another woman, and he wants to get a divorce like Grandpa and move to America. Fong tells that he got married because he thought he had to. Ling intervenes and asks how’s it going with Xiao. Ming tries to lie to her but Ling already knows that they were not together. Ming reveals that he was with Yaya.

That night, Ming goes out to meet Yaya. Yaya asks serious questions, and also asks him why did he look for her after all this years. Ming tells her that he ran away because he was coward. But he wanted to tell her that he did get a ring for her. After a moment, She…
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