Analysis Of The Movie ' The Night '

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The third scene in this episode is in the hotel’s restaurant area, where all of the characters gather to have breakfast together. The lighting in this particular scene only focuses on the are where the main characters will be at. For instance, the table they are going to sit at, and the buffet area, where Joey and Chandler take some food for their breakfast. While Joey and Chandler walk to the buffet area, the camera follow both of them, in other word, a dolly shot. Although the shot was fairly shaky, it create the audience to think that the restaurant set is very big, when it isn’t. While taking the food, Chandler told Joey that he almost got married to Monica last night. This part made the audience to think that Chandler is talking…show more content…
While the camera was panning, we could see at the right frame that Monica is actually looking at them, then she talk to Phoebe about her getting married to Chandler. We could see clearly that the director try to show what normal life would be, boys talk and girls talk. Seeking friends for advices just like in a real life situation. In the next scene, Chandler and Monica then decided to go to the casino, letting the dice decide whether they will get married or not. While they are walking through the casino, the sound only focuses on the characters, ambience sound is rarely heard, where in the background, we can see people talking to one another, a waiter bringing drinks to the customers, and people playing the machine. At one point, we can hear cash noises from the machine, but even that, the sound is very small that the audience might not have catch it. When Monica throw the dice to the table, we could hear the dice rolling on the table clearly, and the worker talking clearly. During this scene, the director want the audience to focus on the characters movement, not the ambience. The lighting in this scene is again flat, and they lit the light brighter to the area where the characters are going to be. Comparing it with the real casino, this casino is the brightest casino we have ever seen. Later, when they decided to go back to their room, Chandler and Monica was holding hand, still disagreeing that they should get married. Suddenly,
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