Analysis Of The Movie ' The Night '

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The third scene in this episode is in the hotel’s restaurant area, where all of the characters gather to have breakfast together. The lighting in this particular scene only focuses on the are where the main characters will be at. For instance, the table they are going to sit at, and the buffet area, where Joey and Chandler take some food for their breakfast. While Joey and Chandler walk to the buffet area, the camera follow both of them, in other word, a dolly shot. Although the shot was fairly shaky, it create the audience to think that the restaurant set is very big, when it isn’t. While taking the food, Chandler told Joey that he almost got married to Monica last night. This part made the audience to think that Chandler is talking behind Monica’s back. The way Chandler speak is fairly loud, where in a real world situation, Monica might have heard what Chandler is talking about with Joey. Even though they are at the restaurant, the ambience sound is not heard at all. Before Chandler show up at the restaurant, there is one shot of Joey, where we could see people behind him talking to one another. Even though we saw people talking behind them, we could not hear them talking at all, not even a bit. The sound only focuses on the character 's voice, and their movements such as when Joey give Chandler scramble egg on his plate. There, we could hear the sound of the plate when the spoon hit on it. Later on, the after Chandler and Joey finish their talk, the camera then slowly

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