Analysis Of The Movie ' The Night '

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By the following Tuesday night she was ready to resume taking after having several nights of poor sleep. The doorbell rang about 1A.M., I got up in time to see Kevin handing an almost nude Susan a Sunday. All she had on was her pink panties, hmm..she had pajamas on when she went to bed. At first I thought she might be awake, but her blank expression led me to believe she was in ambient trance. How did Kevin know to bring a Sunday or did he just chance it? Why was Susan naked? Did she call Kevin for a Sunday? I watched as Susan went back to the sofa and watched TV as she slowly opened the Sunday container. Kevin watch intently as she spooned the cold Sunday into her mouth about halfway through, Kevin got his cue. Susan took a spoonful…show more content…
Kevin lasted much longer than I expected, but he finally came while full in. Once Kevin came, Susan got up and told him, “I have to go to bed now.” He just stood there with his now limp dick out, pants around his ankles, and bewildered. Once he regained his composure and pulled pants up, he started to look around, trying what to do next. Before Kevin could think to follow her to the bedroom, I whispered to him, “Kevin, it’s time to leave now.” “Oh, Mr. Davis, I 'm not sure what to make of this...does she want me to fuck her?” “No Kevin, you 're not going to fuck her whether she wants it or not, got it!” “Kevin, you can call me Doug instead of Mr. Davis. I believe we are close enough now that we can dispense with the formalities.” “Mr Dav...I mean Doug… Why are you letting me play with your” “Kevin, Susan has been under a lot of stress lately and you are helping her relax and work out her anxiety. And you 're doing a good deed helping her through these tense times. I hope it 's helping you also, I find a good pipe cleaning every now and then helps my mental health.” “Pipe cleaning?” “You know a blow job.” “Oh, she can clean my pipes anytime she likes.” “Kevin, I hope we can keep these “sessions”, private. Don 't even mention it to Susan, and again, “thanks Kevin.” The look on Kevin’s face was priceless as I thanked him for letting my wife suck his cock. I could not imagine what was going on in his mind at this

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