Analysis Of The Movie ' The Night '

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Waking up one Saturday afternoon, Joe looks over to see his girlfriend of two years, Annabeth, expressionlessly staring out their bedroom window. Getting out of the bed, Joe walks over to her.
“What’s wrong?” he asks her, while wrapping his arms around her.
“It just seems that your roommate, Gil, has been upset since my brother dumped him last fall” Annabeth replies.
“Why would you think that?” asked Joe.
“He doesn’t acknowledge me when he sees me, and he’s seemed upset for a while” she replied.
“Well, why don’t we do something for him then?” Joe asks before the couple heads into the living room area to find Gil watching something violent on TV with a case of beer beside him.
Turning the TV off, Joe asks “Gil, we’re buds right?”
“Sure, buds since we could talk, why?” Gil responds in a high-pitched tone.
“Well, Annabeth thinks you’ve been upset for a while.” Joe explains.
“Oh girl, why would you think that?” replied Gil.
“For starters you don’t drink. Two you’re not watching any of my romance movie, and three you haven’t had a date since my brother dumped you.” Annabeth explains, adding “And I’ve been worried about my best gay friend (BGF).”
“And we were thinking about doing something for you, just to get you out of this slump you’ve been in.” Joe explains.
“Sure, sounds fun, I guess. What’d you guys have in mind?” Gil replied.
“Well, since both you and Joe were the two top bowlers in our group, why not bowling at The Lanes?” Annabeth decides. “Sure, though I haven’t been

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