Analysis Of The Movie ' The Orange Truck '

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Texas residents are angered because they feel they are the ones suffering because of immigrant migration. This causes a hatred of Hispanics by many whites. Lonestar depicts this hatred in the movie within various scenes. A Hispanic man named Eladio Cruz is smuggling illegal immigrants in his watermelon truck. The truck gets a flat tire and Eladio is forced to stop and try to replace the tire. While stopped, Sheriff Wade decides to borate and pries into Eladio’s affairs investigating the contents of the truck. Sheriff Wade begins to question about smuggling illegal immigrants. Eladio’s replies denying any involvement with such acts. Sheriff Wade hastily checks the truck quickly and comes up empty handed. The Sheriff is insistent on harassing Eladio and asks Eladio if he is carrying a firearm. Here is an instance where honesty is not the best policy where Eladio goes to his truck to show Wade his shotgun and when as he reaches in the truck, Wade shots him in the back of the head. This scene indeed shows how minorities were treated extremely harsh, by the institutions that were set in place to prevent such wrong doings. Hispanics, the predominant minority, are not the only ethnicity subjected to mistreatment in Texas. African Americans have to endure violence and hatred, as well. African Americans may have been free by the 20th century, but they were not always treated as if they were. People of Caucasian decent would look upon other races as beneath them who were intended to

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