Analysis Of The Movie ' The Red Convertible '

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The Red Convertible is a story about the relationship that two brothers share before and after the eldest goes to war. In the beginning of the story we meet the brothers, Henry and Lyman. It then becomes apparent that the younger of the two, Lyman, is the narrator. (Erdrich 103) Lyman worked his way up to owner of a restaurant and Henry worked at a Jewel Bearing Plant. Not long after, Henry recieves his two weeks pay after being laid off from his job at the plant and Lyman has been given an insurance check after his restaurant was destroyed by a tornado. (Erdrich 104) One day, the brothers decided to leave the reservation that they lived on and go to Winnipeg. While they were there, they stumbled upon a car that was for sale. Neither of them had intentions of buying a car, but they saw a car and fell in love with it. Between the two of them, they had just enough for the red Olds and gas to get home. (Erdrich 104) Throughout the following summer, they traveled to all sorts of places in it. It was a chance for them to bond and possibly the last enjoyable time that the two would share together ever again. When the brothers return home, Henry is recruited for the Marines. (Erdrich 106) He was sent off to camp and stationed somewhere up in the North. (Erdrich 107) During the three year absense of Henry, Lyman longed for him to return. When the time came, for Henry to come home Lyman thinks that he is just getting adjusting to being back. After a short time, Lyman can see that

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