Analysis Of The Movie ' The River '

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Characters Name Role in story Significance Adjectives Robert Walton Walton is the adventurous sailor who is sailing north and spots Victor in the water. He picks Victor up and cares for him and restores his health. Walton is the one writing Victor’s story in a series of letters to Margaret Saville, his sister. He shares similar qualities with Victor, which is the reason Victor shares his story. Victor feared that since they are both ambitious and determined, Walton would experience a similar fate. • Ambitious • Adventurous • Determined Victor Frankenstein The protagonist and is featured as the main point of view during the story. Victor is a smart and determined man who fabricates a creature. The creature agonizes him and destroys his…show more content…
• Disgusting • Agile • Hateful Henry Clerval Victor’s best friend who is by his side throughout the book and nurses him back to health after spending countless nights creating the creature. Clerval was always there for Victor at his darkest times. He cheered Victor up when he felt depressed and weak. An impact is felt when he passes because he lost his dearest childhood friend and it made another hole in his heart along with Justine, William, and Elizabeth. • Loyal • Understanding • Optimistic Alphonse Frankenstein Victor’s loving father who misunderstands him. His father does the best he can to console his son, Victor, when he is feeling depressed. He reinforces the ideas and the importance of family. • Respected • Caring • Supportive Caroline Beaufort Frankenstein Victor’s mother, who died of scarlet fever when Victor was 17 years old. She was focused on giving back to the community and helping people. Since she died when Victor was relatively young, she made an impact on his life. She could have inspired Victor’s obsession on bringing the dead back to life. • Benevolent • Loving • Selfless William Frankenstein Victor’s younger brother who is killed by “the creature” William is the first of the deaths resulting in Victor’s creature. His death gives Victor extreme guilt. His death goes along with the execution of Justine because the creature framed Justine for the murder of little William. • Innocent • Youthful • Care-free Justine
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