Analysis Of The Movie ' The Secret She Kept '

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In an original movie from TV One the movie The Secret She Kept illustrates a woman trapped within herself battling between her professional and home life but hiding her condition. The main character Tia Jiles suffers from the mental condition schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. In the movie Tia strives for greatness and is a successful lawyer who is respected greatly within her community and among her colleagues although she guards her condition from the public. Fred Markowitz a sociologist who studied relationships of the mentally ill in Modeling Processes in Recovery From Mental Illness, he suggest that "mental illness affects social relation- increases in social well-being. These sorts of ships, living situations, and employment, considerations become especially critical in which in turn affect the course of the illness"(Markowitz 75). In this study it goes to show why Tia was so skeptical about coming out about her condition, because she knew that there would be some discrimination and that she may have not been taken seriously in her professional life. Within the movie the actress Kyla Pratt who is Tia is so inspirational in portraying to be a victim to the illness of schizophrenia but yet she is so powerful in the way she handles the disorder and making awareness that it does not enable her in any fashion.
In this content analysis I will be examining the connection between deviance and mental illness, I will be focusing on how cultural norms plays a part into what is…

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