Analysis Of The Movie ' The Spartan Warrior Dilios '

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United We Stand

When I was fourteen, the only movie that I really wanted to see was 300. The hype surrounding it, along with the action-packed trailer, completely captured my interest. Naturally, it was the one and only movie that I was completely forbidden to see. No amount of pleading could sway my parents’ decision, much to my increasing dismay. Fast forward a few years later, and sixteen year-old me is still begging to see this one movie. Eventually, after two years of asking and begging to see this movie, my father finally said yes. Zach Snyder’s comic-adapted movie 300 is full of everything any viewer could ever want: attractive actors and lots of blood, guts, and glory. David Wenham plays the Spartan warrior Dilios, who I believe gives the most inspiring speech that any R-rated movie has ever produced. Dilios’ speech at the end of the movie 300 is exceedingly effective in its purpose to motivate and persuade the massive army of Greeks and Spartans to fight the hordes of Xerxes’ armies. In the final speech to the army of Spartans and Greeks in the movie 300, Dilios tells the men of the brave sacrifice of King Leonidas and his three hundred men who fought and died at the Battle of Thermopylae. Although, they were greatly outnumbered by the armies of Xerxes and eventually were defeated, their story traveled far and wide across the land. Dilios, the last and only survivor of the Battle of Thermopylae, brought their glorious tale back to Sparta, where it spread…

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