Analysis Of The Movie ' The Star Wars Trilogy '

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Anyone who was born in the 1980s or 1990s, they most likely played their fair share of video games. The majority of people remember playing games like Tetris or Mario and the vivid memories that go along with experiencing them. The memories that involve getting a high score in Tetris to the memories of completing a hard level in Mario and the challenges one had to get through to achieve them. There are certain individuals wish they could bring back some of those great memories, trying to relive the past. This is called nostalgia. A lot of people yearn for the past, hoping to reclaim their youth and the memories that they created during these earlier years. Some authors now are trying to incorporate this reminiscence into their stories.…show more content…
This can be seen in the stories from the authors mentioned above. It doesn’t matter what the story experience is, the reader is more interested in the feelings of the video game that is incorporated into the story and the memories associated with it. The story can be sad or happy or anything in-between and it will not matter. The reader will be just interested in how the video game within the story is similar and relatable to their personal nostalgic memories of video games. This next point may not be necessarily true in the case for the authors mentioned in this essay, but it is definitely a situation that can happen or has the possibility of happening. Mark Hill also writes in his article “We’ve reached the point where gamers will even fund creators to indulge their nostalgia for them” (Hill). Readers who are gamers could have endorsed the authors to make them indulge video game nostalgia into their writings. Gamers, like Hill mentions, have begun to start campaigns like a Kickstarter web site to have game designers bring back similar game experiences to satisfy their nostalgic familiarities they wish to relive. This currently happens in today’s world with video games but could have very well happened with the author’s short stories and the novels they have wrote as well. The gamers of the past are beginning to age and want something they can read. They also have the
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