Analysis Of The Movie ' The Ugly Truth '

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Comedic films and theatrical productions generally focus on the average human. This excludes people with extraordinary amounts of influence or power such as kings, queens or superheroes. Grecian comedy dissects the social or personal aspects of an average human’s life and uncovers their foibles and frailties. A minor weakness will usually lead to the character falling into some form of temptation which stands as the climax of the plot. This minor weakness of the character helps develop the storyline. For example, the play, Lysistrata, centers around the Grecian army and their wives. Aristophanes presents sex as a weakness of men and women in Greece in the play. The temptation for the army wives is to relinquish the sex strike that they…show more content…
Later in the movie, Larry describes Georgia as “angry and bitter” and she responds, “Uh, no, Larry, that would be my untouched vagina”. This type of speech carries along throughout the whole film. The character of Mike revolves around buffoonery and making coarse jokes that makes Abby feel uncomfortable. Additionally, the characters use a slew of profanities. In Lysistrata, Lysistrata boldly states she will resist her husband “Albeit he come to me with an erection...”. The structure of an old Comedy consists of the prologos, parados, agon, parabasis, episodes, and komos. The prologos is the introduction in which the fantasy is explained and developed (Encyclopædia Britannica). The fantasy that is introduced in the prologos of The Ugly Truth is the idea that men are capable of romantic love regardless of the physical appearance of women. The parados is the part that the audience has to decide to take the position for or against the hero. In The Ugly Truth, the audience is faced with deciding if Mike truly has the key to unlock a man’s heart or if he’s just bitter and mistakenly wrong about male-female relationships. The agon is the debate on opposing principals. Mike and Abby debate if Mike’s ideas are the ideas of a misogynist or if the ideas are really the truth that lies deep in the mind of the human male species. The parabasis is when the topical issue is addressed. Early on in the film, Mike states that men are only interested
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