Analysis Of The Movie ' The Vietnam War '

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The Vietnam War is a tough pill to swallow, whether you were part of it, heard stories of it or only learned about it by watching ' 'Forrest Gump ' ', it is an alienating subject to most of the people on this earth. And while most of us, hopefully, will never find out what war feels like, smells like or how it is to get out of it, Tim O 'Brian 's account makes it relateable to us how dreadful it is how it is to be in a war zone.

O 'Brian frequently uses repetition in his story. He frequently mentions the weight of their equipment, and what they carry. While this seems redundant to mentions, as they are afterall in a war and need equipment, it transfers the physical weight of the war into the minds of the reader. The exceptional attention to detail help s the reader to visualize the situation and the emotional state of the characer of Lt. Cross. Furthermore the exact weight of items as well as who is carrying what, adds an element of structure and certainty to the story. The equipment and the distribution is the one things Tim O 'Brian seems sure about in the midst of ambushes, his growing doubts about his quality of leadership as a platoon leader and his relationship with Martha back home.

The soldier drafted during the Vietnam War were more than likely children of the GI generation, who fought in World War II, their children, who would be drafted for the Vietnam war, or enlisted voluntarily, had ingested their parents sense of patriotism, duty and service to their…
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