Analysis Of The Movie ' The War '

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The second scene begins with a voice-off from the battlefield. We hear voices of both 'Iraqi and Iranian soldiers who are repeating the same cries, asking for blessedness from God, Prophet Mohammed, 'Ali, and Hussein. The hysterical cries of the soldiers are heard along with sounds of explosions and machine guns. The young man wakes up and it turns out to be his dream. The war is thus presented as this young man 's timeless and eternal nightmarish present. Similar to the rest of the soldiers, he calls onto Hussein, the Prophet 's grandson, but he also shouts that his friend, Hussein, has been slain in the same manner. The playwright thus wants to bring together the past and the present and to call upon the audience to change the situation otherwise the past will keep on repeating itself. When Zainab comes in, he insists on reading her brother 's last letter. Hussein says that he is very sad that Muslims are fighting one another. At the war front he realized the trap that is set for Muslim soldiers: Iraqis and Iranians. They are all sentenced to death. He also said that he saw the image of Al-Hussein, son of 'Ali, on the back of his horse shouting to all Muslims to stop this war. "Oh Muslims… Stop this cursed war.. stop it.. wake up ..stop murders Islam .. murders you all"(3.2. 376). But no one heard him and he was killed by an American cannon. So, Hussein was slain anew. Hussein, Sherief 's son, calls on his father to try to stop such
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