Analysis Of The Movie ' The War Of Las Vegas ' Nevada '

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Soviet challenge; all parties agree upon the city of Las Vegas, Nevada as the exhibition site. Creed and the boxing promoters stage a lavish, patriotic show complete with showgirls, rhythm and blues singer, James Brown, and glitzy, red-white-and-blue decoration. As the fight begins, an over-confident Creed attempts to outbox Drago, but as the bout progresses, Creed cannot match Drago’s brute strength and superior size. After a brutally hard punch from Drago, Creed falls, unable to recover. He dies in Balboa’s arms. When confronted by the outraged media, Drago comments, “If he dies, he dies.” Due to the negative media publicity, Ludmilla, Drago 's wife, calls the United States an “antagonistic and violent government” that makes “threats of violence” to her husband and Koloff, the head trainer, comments that American society has become “pathetic and weak.” The Soviets insist on a rematch in Russia with Balboa as the antagonist. Angered by Drago’s cold indifference over Creed’s death, Balboa decides to avenge his friend, defend his country’s honor, and fight Drago in the Soviet Union in an unsanctioned fifteen round bout on Christmas Day, a Christian, Catholic, and Eastern Orthodox celebration of Jesus Christ’s birthday. This explicit symbolism adds another layer of quiet complexity to the film by setting Christianity against godless Communism. Balboa flies to the USSR, accompanied by his trainer, Duke, and brother-in-law, Paulie. Located in the Siberian village of

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