Analysis Of The Movie ' The Wes Moore '

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Moments of decisions

The decisions we make in life lead us to where we are in life and, determine whether you’re successful or become another statistic, or as people say, a product of our environment. . Are the expectations we have for ourselves, and the expectation that other people have for us, what motives, pushes, and guides us to the decisions we make? The Other Wes Moore by Wes Moore is about two boys with similar backgrounds and, situations growing up in Baltimore just blocks apart. The boys only had one major difference that strongly influenced their futures: their mothers. The information provides raw insight into the decisions and actions made by the Other Wes Moore when he
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He was doing pretty well, but was cocky. His mother did notice a significant change in him. Even though he now liked military school, he still had many mixed feelings about being there. He thought he should be home with family and friends, but the day he and his friend walked into town to get something to eat was the day his journey into manhood began. As they walk a car pulled up on them. They didn’t know who it was, but tried to get away fast. They pulled off but return trying to running them over. They jumped out of the way. After they thought the coast was clear they continued to the pizza shop. Suddenly they were surprised by someone called out, “go home nigger”. In that moment was when I see the change in Wes. He thought about his mother and father and he knew he was support to walk away. In this case run away! This is the day that he finally lived up to the name his father gave me. This was his first real move into manhood.

When the other Wes and his friends were out hanging on the blocks of Baltimore they ended up in an altercations with some boys in the neighborhoods while playing a game of Football. One of the boy said Wes was pushing too hard and being too aggressive. He got in Wes’s face and bumped his chest, suddenly the boy hit Wes square in the face after a few words were said. He then through his hands up to block his face in case the boy tried to hit him
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