Analysis Of The Movie ' The Wolf Of Wall Street '

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Ethics and Wall Street The Movie that I choose to analyze was the movie The Wolf of Wall Street this movie is about a guy who is starting off his career wanting to earn money fast so he goes to Wall Street and works as a broker for a small firm, where he ends up picking up bad advice along with some bad habits that get him rich fast, but not in a very ethical way. Some of the main characters that I will be talking about in this essay are Jordan Belfort also referred to as Jordy, he is played by Leonardo DiCaprio, Donnie Azoff Played by Jonah Hill. There are many other characters in this movie, but these are the main characters that are faced with difficult dilemmas. A lot of the choices that are made in this movie are Unethical. Even though it seems that he does everything for greed you end up understanding the reasons he did those things, but even though they are done for the right reasons does not mean it is right. The Character that faced with the most dilemmas is Jordan Belfort. One of the Dilemmas that he is faced with in this movie is when the stock market crashes on the day that he received his broker license. He loses his Job and has to be a difficult decision between getting a temporary job in retail or work for a small investment firm with little to no regulations selling penny stocks. Because of the fact that he is good at selling stocks he ends up working for the small investment firm. Here he is faced with many difficult decisions and one of these is to sell

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