Analysis Of The Movie ' The Wolf '

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Lexi froze in place as she heard the wolf in the alleyway growling at her. She had almost forgotten about him while facing the wolf guarding the entrance of the alleyway. She looked over at him slowly, scared to make any sudden movements in case they would find it threatening and pounce on her. But, despite her cautious movements, her nightmares still came to life. She suddenly felt razor sharp teeth sink into her arm. It felt like her bones were being flattened and that her arm would snap in half. Lexi let out an ear shattering scream as the pain radiated through her body and she nearly blacked out. She looked forward toward the large wolf guarding the entrance. He seemed to be smirking in glee at her painful struggles to break free from the jaws of death. She struggled as best she could despite the pain, but all of a sudden the wolf was no longer there. In its place was a pair of beautiful green eyes looking straight at her. Her heart fluttered. Logan. She wanted to call out to him but before she could the wolf holding her arm was dragging her further and further into the alley. She wondered why Logan was just standing there looking at her. She suddenly howled in pain as the wolf started to maul her. His claws were digging into her delicate flesh and she was losing blood fast. She could feel him bite her bones, crushing them and tearing up her skin. Lexi’s mind flashed to her parents, the picture in the police report. Would she die like them, mauled
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