Analysis Of The Movie ' Titanic '

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Courtney Thorpe Hour 5 First and Last Journey of The “Unsinkable Ship” The movie “Titanic” is what comes to mind when hearing about one of the most shocking and known disasters of U.S. history. The movie shows the gist of how the RMS Titanic went down, but do people really know, behind the scenes, what caused the Titanic to sink along with the short and long term effects, and the influence it had on the United States? Most people would conclude that no, they don’t know the influence the Titanic had, what went into building the Titanic, how it devastatingly sunk, and the lasting effects it had on luxury travel and the way ships are built today. As well with the multiple factors that went into how the supposedly “unsinkable ship”, well… sunk. Before the RMS Titanic was set to sail its maiden voyage in April of 1912, many things contributed into the preparation and building of the ship. It was the second out of three huge, luxurious ships built by the White Star Line in the early 1900s. The ship was built by Harland and Wolff Heavy Industries in Belfast, North Ireland (Bassett). Out of the company’s 15,000 workers, it took around three thousand to build it in a time period of three years. Working on or in the ship was a very difficult and dangerous job as many would assume. According to the Harland and Wolff Industry research, records show injuries to nearly 250 workers, with two workers dying in construction accidents in the shipyard and six more dying on board during

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