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Bryn slid into the chair opposite Tony, slapping his hand on the table. He nodded briefly to the waitress as he settled in. Tony eyed the data crystal with mixed feelings.
“That’s everything I could find on Fancher and his crew,” Bryn said without equivocation. “Pretty standard stuff; Fancher is career Fleet. Commanding officer of the Rankori for 6 years, service record reads like a Fleet novel.” Bryn sipped the coffee the waitress placed in front of him, grimacing at it before adding copious amounts of sugar. “XO is Nate Little, came outta the Academy about the time Fancher took command; third in his class.” He stirred the sugar in, then sipped it again; this time smiling in pleasure.
“Anything interesting at all?” Tony asked palming the crystal. Bryn shrugged, toying with his spoon.
“Not among the Bridge staff.” He said softly. “But the Rankori’s Flight Commander is something different.” His eyes dropped to the table in front of him.
“How so?” Tony asked eyeing Bryn carefully.
“She’s only been Fleet for three years, been Flight Commander for 2 of those three years.” Bryn’s voice lowered. “She’s got one hell of a kill record, probably the best that Fleet has to offer.” He nodded toward the data crystal in Tony’s hand. “Found this in the Fleet archives; it’s from about four months ago. You need to take a look at it, Boss.”
Something in Bryn’s voice caught his full attention. He flipped open his portable reader and slid the data crystal into it.
‘Testimony of

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