Analysis Of The Movie ' Tony '

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Tony The first time I met Tony we were both makeup artists on the same film. He intrigued me from the moment I saw him. His eyes were like wolves, dark and ferocious, and yet, their color was the lightest blue. He had an air of wildness around him, like he belonged to it. Nature and Tony were one and the same. His face had lines of experience on it, a few creases around the eyes and mouth. He didn 't have enough to look old, but enough to let anyone who had seen them that he had gripped life by the throat, but had not walked away unscathed. His hands were covered in fake bloodstains, and greasepaint. He was a makeup artist, and, as a matter of fact that is how we met. We were both working on a film about Jason Todd, and Batman, and Tony showed up and we all spent the night in an underground parking garage, and filmed there until three in the morning. The lines in his hand were even deeper, from the amount of callouses. His hands were hard and rough like sandpaper. His hair was in dreadlocks, unwashed and unkempt. the dreads were this light ashy blonde, with the slightest hint of red. He bounced constantly, like a schoolboy waiting for class to be let out he seemed to be perpetually squirming . The energy he possessed made the air almost shimmer around him, like a field of extra energy. He would dance in the hallways and scream down the fields, eating pollen out of flowers, and constantly doing backflips. He could catch bees with his bare hands, and

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