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Trudy Chacon, portray by Michelle Rodrigues, was a confident SecOps pilot for the RDA. Her primary task was to pilot a Samson that was used for transportation and for battle. She lived in Pandora when she first appeared in the movie and had already been serving for the RDA two years when she met Jake Sulley. Shortly after she met Jake she was thrust into leadership role in the take down of the RDA. Trudy also flew the trio to a temporary science station in the Hallelujah Mountains, known as Site 26, when Dr. Augustine wanted to continue her research away from Hell 's Gate and military personnel (
Trudy met Jake Sully soon after he arrived at Hell 's Gate in 2154. One day the two along with Norm Spellman and Dr. Grace Augustine went on an expedition deep into a Pandoran forest. Trudy stayed behind with Lyle Wainfleet to guard the Samson. During the expedition Jake went missing and she helped search for him. As it became night Colonel Quaritch saw that it was too dangerous for Jake 's avatar and called off the search She joined Jake Sulley, Na’ve and the Omaticaya clan.
When the RDA attacked the Hometree, Trudy refused to join in the assault and broke out of combat formation to return to base just after the first salvo. Disillusioned, after refusing to fire on Hometree her statement was, I didn’t sign up for this shit.” She then effectively switched allegiance in the midst of conflict. Another example of her being a leader was when she was able to…

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