Analysis Of The Movie ' Truman Show '

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What would you feel like if you found out that your whole life was fake and it was all for television? The Truman Show is a film where a man for his whole life has been filmed for the entertainment of others and doesn’t even realize that he is on camera at all times. There are a few scenes that will be discussed whether the scene is able to provide a religious experience.
The Truman Show is about a man named Truman Burbank. Before he was even born a large corporation adopted him to use as the main character for their television show. Throughout the movie, Truman slowly starts to notice that things seem a little odd and that the world around him doesn’t make sense. By the end of the movie, he knows that his life is fake even though no one told him at the time that his world is fake.
The first scene that we will be looking at is the very first scene of the movie. In the scene we see a man talking to us. He is the director of The Truman Show, he talks about how while the world around Truman is fake Truman’s emotions are real and genuine and that nothing about Truman is fake in any way. Since the director created and runs the television show he can be seen as the holy or divine because he created this world and can control every aspect of it. This scene asks the questions is there a higher being. The director can be seen as a godly figure because he controls the environment and the actions of everyone around Truman. Since everyone are actors on a tv show then that means that all
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