Analysis Of The Movie ' Twelve Anger Men '

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Case Background:
In this case it explains what was going on through the movie “Twelve Anger Men” and then it explains the group-thinking. The Group-thinking theory from its beginning had been the most cited endowment to the decision-making study. It focused on 7 factors given by Mitchel and Eckstein which were cohesiveness, insulation, lack of a tradition of impartial leadership, lack of norms requiring methodical procedures, homogeneity of social background and ideology, high stress from external threats and hope of a solution better than the leader’s, temporarily low self-esteem induced by situation factors symptoms of groupthink, are relevant to the juries decision-making.

Case Questions:
In your experience, have you found that decision making groups tend toward groupthink? If so, what factors contributed to this tendency? If not, what factors helped prevent it?
In my experience, I have found that decision making groups do tend toward groupthink. Not only considering the 7 reasons that Mitchell and Eckstein had provided, its that sometimes those groups don’t try to explore any different solutions to the issues they are there to address. Instead of replacing the people they look for for the jury they should look add some new people with a different perspective than the ones we have now and have different upbringing to the groups. If the perspective is different across the board the decision-making circle it will allow the people learn about the ideas others have for the…
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