Analysis Of The Movie ' Twelve Angry Men '

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Twelve Angry Men
The movie “Twelve Angry Men,” portrays the story of twelve jurors from different walks of life and how they came to a difficult decision regarding the life of an eighteen year old Puerto Rican defendant. The defendant is on trial for premeditated first degree murder of his father. The scene takes place in a New York City jury room. The evidence presented to the jury alleged the youth murdered his father with a switchblade the night of the murder. The story began at the close of the trial, as the presiding judge gives his final instructions to the jurors. The judge advised the jurors of the charge, and let them know that if the defendant is found guilty it would result in a death penalty. The judge releases the jurors to deliberate and make the difficult decision.
As the jurors leave the courtroom and enter the jury room, a sigh of relief seems to come over the majority of the jurors as they all appear to be relieved to finally get to the decision- making process. The room is a small room with no air-conditioning and quite insipid. A few of the jurors attempt to make the room more comfortable. Some of the jurors are seen opening windows, and one juror fumbles with a fan located on the wall overlooking the room. As other jurors muddle around the room, they begin to become acquainted with each other and discussion of the trail takes place. Some of the men were discussing their plans for the evening, or as with one juror, looking forward to a
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