Analysis Of The Movie ' Twilight '

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In the movie Twilight, the protagonist Bella Swan, a teenager in high school, risks everything to fall in love with the handsome vampire, Edward Cullens. The story sets in Forks, Washington, where Bella moves in with her father, Charley. Bella’s life stays calm and dull until she meets the vampire family which turns her life up-side-down. Edward Cullens and Bella Swan fall in love with each other at first sight. The love between immortal is not easy; conflicts arise with the interference of werewolves and human. As time bypasses Edward and Bella’s relationship goes through different stages which leads to their marriage and the birth of their daughter, Renesmee Cullens. The initiation stage normally takes plus or minus six seconds. This is when the first impression between the two individuals are made. Bella Swan and Edward Cullens are at the initiation step when they met each other in Forks High School’s cafeteria. Edward, along with the rest of the Cullens, walks in through the door and Bella spots her eye on the bright, gorgeous vampire. It took them less than ten seconds to realize there are something different with each other. However, they did not start a conversation. The experimentation stage, which is also called uncertainty reduction, is when the two individuals ask questions to understand each other a little more. This often determines whether a long term relationship works between the two people. Bella and Edward are at the experimentation stage when they are
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