Analysis Of The Movie ' Two Selfish Cantankerous ' Essay

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Two selfish cantankerous grandfathers continue a life-long feud over an unfinished 1965 drag race and their decision to finish the race brings chaos to their grandchildren’s pending wedding. BRIEF SYNOPSIS It’s a warm summer night 1965 in Detroit, Michigan. Two rival teens rev their engines for the drag race of their life, but the race is never finished. Fifty years later the men, Drake and Johnnie, get the surprise of their life when they meet again – for the wedding of their grandchildren, MATTIE AND JASON. Drake’s daughter Mattie is going to marry Johnnie’s grandson Jason. Old sparks fly and the men, who recall different accounts of the failed race, challenge each other to race again on the eve of their grandchildren’s wedding. What could go wrong? Just about everything. The grandfathers’ feuding spills into the wedding plans of Mattie and Jason so the couple comes up with a plan to pretend to break up to force the men to get along. It appears to work until Mattie and Jason get into a real argument and really break up! Mattie cancels the wedding! The grandfathers feel awful. Things go from bad to worst when Mattie discovers she is pregnant and Johnnie is the only one who knows. The race approaches and both grandfathers sabotage the other. When they fake injuries, Mattie and Jason take their places. When Johnnie realizes that Mattie is driving, he races to stop her and reveals her secret. Mattie and Jason rev their engines and roar! The race takes off, but they
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