Analysis Of The Movie ' V For Vendetta ' Essay

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Karla Torres
Prof. Couey
English 100
April 27, 2016
Friend or a Foe? Alan Moore’s and David Lloyd’s graphic novel, V for Vendetta, makes references to what has taken part in history and what seems to be taking place in contemporary society. This graphic novel not only tells us about the struggles and challenges our society faces through our government, but also shows a great deal of symbolism in which Moore has constructed and deconstructed through his own characters. In which one can relate to in the sense that one constructs a life based on the ideals of the government. We deconstruct these ideas when we see they aren 't necessarily the life we wanted for ourselves. Moore’s telling of the story and Lloyd’s illustrative talent take us to a time where London’s citizens are living in a state in which they have lost total control of their own lives. They are being watched and programmed to do as their oppressors please via tactics of surveillance, curfews, and specific programs known as “Fate” in order to keep them distracted and unaware of the truth. The truth that they are being oppressed and monitored in order to keep total control over them. While Moore and Lloyd are trying to convey their message of how cruel and corrupt our world is through V for Vendetta, we are left with the sense that the wrong doings of our government and government leaders are in plain sight. This is revealed by showing how the Norsefire manipulates its citizens by tactics of distraction while
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