Analysis Of The Movie ' Virginia Tech '

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Screams filled the air as teachers and students ran down the hallways through twists and turns to escape the horrifying noises behind them. Hearts pounding with adrenalin the teachers franticly looked for a safe place to hide their students and themselves. Adam Lanza had entered Sandy hook Elementary only moments before and was now reeking havoc throughout the school! With an AR-15, a 10mm Glock, and a Sig Sauer according to CNN (Almasy, Steve. 2012, pg1) Adam Lanza was fixated on one thing. Mass murder. As the gunman rushed through the hallways and into random rooms no one was subject to his fury and he was shooting everyone who was unfortunate enough to cross his path. After what I’m sure felt like hours 26 teachers and students laid dead before Adam Lanza took his own life. This was by far one of the worst school shootings in the US and only falls in comparison to the largest school shooting in history “Virginia Tech” according to (CNN, 2014, pg1) These story’s of horror will live on throughout the generations to come and will be discussed in great detail for what I presume will be indefinitely. Although there are a numerous amount of speculations as to what the motives of theses shootings were and the underlining reasons as to why both of these rampages where committed one of the largest and most thought of causes is video games. The Thought that video game violence could have been the main reason behind the rampage sparked interest after the first shooting was

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