Analysis Of The Movie ' Waiting For Superman '

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Waiting for Superman is a documentary that scrutinized public schools primarily located in inner-city areas. The documentary provided criticism towards educational reforms and the process of seeking alternative private or institutionalized education (i.e. charter schools). The film showcased the testimonies of five students and their desires to escape the failing public schools in the area. Waiting for Superman is metaphorically titled to suggest that a false sense of hope is given to students. It is understood by the families and students in the film that a quality education is the only way to break the poverty cycle. Year after year families hope that a reform will take place in the neighborhood schools, but each year begins with a false hope that results in the same failing results. The parents of the five students have desperately sought schools for their children that are staffed with qualified teachers who are willing to provide their students with learning opportunities. Lack of effective teachers is a critical concern that is displayed in Waiting for Superman. Daisy, an elementary school student, explained that students should find a way to make learning fun. It is not the responsibility of a child to make learning fun, but instead the teachers. Unfortunately for Daisy, she understood that in order for her to escape the poverty cycle, she must change education for herself because no one else in her school system is accepting responsibility. The responsibility
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