Analysis Of The Movie ' Waiting For Superman '

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Danny kinder-key Waiting for Superman
2010 Mr. Davis Guggenheim—an American film director and producer wrote and directed Waiting for “Superman”, a documentary that deals with the American education system. Guggenheim argues that they are failing more each year in producing successful students. He finds where the faults are within the public educational system. He takes the time to show us some of the faces to those numbers to make his pubic realize they are more than just numbers dropping off the charts. He wishes to not only inform, but also to inspire others to act. This essay expresses how he portrays his arguments effectively; also identifying and analyzing the strategies that Guggenheim uses to organize and develop his ideas and determine who his intended audience is.

Guggenheim successfully persuades his audience, first by using the ethos appeal. He does this by opening his film by explaining that as parent, he also worries and cares for the success of his own children and is very aware of the degradation of the public education. He is also being fair-minded as he opens up about a previous film he created where he was actually supporting the idea that public schools worked. Although he held those beliefs up so highly once, he’s now changed opinion. Guggenheim sincerely expressing why this has happened saying, “Ten years later, it was time to choose a school for my own children...and then reality set in. My feelings about
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