Analysis Of The Movie ' Wall E '

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Animation is an often under estimated medium, being seen as primarily for kids and cute story’s that somewhat lack in substance. But in recent years, companies like Pixar have done a great job of making family movies which contain a strong message. Wall-E is one of those movies. The movie takes place in the future, after a point where humanity has pushed the earth to a point beyond vegetation and is currently living aboard a space ship, in which everything they need is done for them, even walking. Despite its bleak premise, the title character, Wall-E is a cute, lovable, family friendly robot, who is in many ways more human than what’s left of humanity.
We are introduced to a world, literally covered in garbage, that Wall-E has been sorting through for an unspecified amount of time, diligently doing his job to compact and sort all the debris, left by his human creators. As the film proceeds, we see what a lonely existence Wall-E leads until Eve shows up with her unknown “directive,” eventually becoming a friend to Wall-E. As the film proceeds eventually we find that Eve’s motivation is to check whether the Earth is capable of vegetation yet, for the humans now aboard the Axiom space station.
After following Eve back to Axiom, we find that through generations of over reliance on the machines aboard Axiom, humans have become anti-social, over-weight, lazy versions of their former selves. At this point, the message of the movie starts to kick in and we begin to see where
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