Analysis Of The Movie ' Wall E '

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WALLL-EEEE! Is a movie that inspires us to dream, and puts our imagination to work. The spectacular robot romance takes us to whole other world of animated robots that contribute to earth. The creator of Wall-e is Andrew Stanton. Andrew Stanton creates this movie with a twist of robots running human lives, as humans do nothing but sit. One company that has trash the earth with all its products and trashed it even more with robots that do not work anymore, except for the exception of Wall-e. Wall-e a fun loving robot that collects items that fascinates him through his time of work, for example, fork, light bulbs, and also parts that fix him from other Wall-e robots. This movie is an example of when robots contribute with humans in the future.
WALLE is a robot that is all alone in the earth, which Pixar created with some friendly adorable characteristics for a fellow that only said three words. This robot is made for cleaning up the trash that surrounds the earth. The city in which WALLE is a city of trash, literally it is buildings made out of trash made by Wall-e. My perspective is Wall-e is a modern man in our generation. He wakes up everyday to do the same job everyday, realizing that it is never going to change. Wall-e wakes up at the same time everyday, puts on his metal shoes, charges his battery with the sun, and goes off to work. After a long day Wall-e goes home, and you se billboards of the human races “Too much garbage in your face? There 's plenty of
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