Analysis Of The Movie ' Water '

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Before watching the movie, Water, I wasn’t exactly sure what kind of movie it was going to be or what the movie was going to tell us. Halfway through it, I could not keep my eyes off the screen; it was truly a great movie. The character development along with the overall story was incredible. How the director used something as simple as color to really emphasize the scenes impressed me, and all of the camera angles which depicted more than what was needed was very interesting. I also enjoyed the incredible acting as the characters did not merely play the part, they were the part. The use of color was unique, as usual in societies certain colors mean certain things. As for us, black symbolizes death. In this movie the most scene color is white. White symbolizes a few things in Indian culture, such as purity, death, or even innocence. White symbolizing purity was portrayed when Kalyani is talking to Narayan and she compares herself to a lotus flower that is floating in dirty water. The irony behind her saying this is that lotus flowers are actually natural water cleansers and they act as purifiers. White might symbolize purity but it is also the color that Hindus consider to symbolize death and mourning, and there are many ways in which they show these meanings throughout the movie. First is the fact that widows are only allowed to wear the color white as they are stripped from any other colors due to death of their husbands and it is expected of them to mourn for the…
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