Analysis Of The Movie ' Winning Isn 't Everything '

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Winning isn’t Everything

This story is about how I won my last show. I worked extremely hard and it was my last show, so I wanted to go out with a bang. I explore the reason why I worked so hard and how it all paid off in the end. I started the fair off on the wrong foot with sick animals and ended up winning the show.
It was my last year in 4H and my last time showing in the ring; I wanted to end my showing career with a bang. I was showing an energetic and adorable pig named Winchester, Wes for short. On the way to show he hurt himself, Wes slipped on the trailer. At the point of weighing him in for the fair, the vet kicked him in the bad leg, which made things worse. The next day he was still limping and was lethargic. I began to worry about my pig and my chances of even showing. The crowd and the high stress environment must have woken him up because minutes before we were called into the ring, Wes began to perk up and was even energetic. It was the night of the show.
As we entered the show ring all I could think of is ‘please don’t notice his limp.’ Out of nowhere, Wes takes a right turn straight through the judge’s legs. I immediately said, “I’m sorry sir,” thinking at that point it was over. The judge came up to me and said, “Tell me about your pig?” I responded, “He is Yorkshire X, 7 months old and weighs 258 pounds.” Just then he looked at my pig and said “Hmm… tell me about his back legs?” My first thought was ‘No! Oh my God! What do I say?’ Taking a deep breath…
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