Analysis Of The Movie ' Zac Beaulieu '

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Throughout adolescence and high school, students go through many experiences trying to figure out who they are and how they want to represent themselves. Zac Beaulieu, the protagonist in the film C.R.A.Z.Y., went through this transitional phase unlike most teenagers who live in Quebec’s 1970’s heteronormative society. As a queer trying to figure out his sexual identity, Zac goes through an unexpected journey when his non-heteronormative ways start to show. It started when Zac realized he was a little different than the other kids, and especially his brothers. Instead of being a jock or a nerd like his two of his brothers, he enjoyed to dressing up in his mother’s cloths, playing with babies, and pushing his baby brother’s carriage down the street. It was at this moment when his father caught him dressed up in his mother’s clothes talking to his little baby brother that he “had unwittingly declared war on his father”. Throughout the movie, Zac has many experiences which ultimately led him and his family to embrace his sexuality. Using music as an expression of his sexuality, Zac has been able to learn from each of his experiences and understand and appreciate the person he has become and was born to be.
Some terms that I will use throughout my research essay are queer, cisgender, heteronormativity, and social identity. I will define these terms to convey a more uniform understanding of the term and its use in this research paper. Using the University of Michigan’s definition,…

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