Analysis Of The Movie ' Zainab 's Life '

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Zainab 's life is, however, different. She has to take care of her sick mother, to manage the house, and even to work in order to help her father. In a cinematic way the director shows the way in which Mourad spent his four years in Australia getting his Ph.D., by presenting his picture on a screen with a girl on his lap, gambling, and flirting with girls. Whereas, on the other hand, there is Zainab 's picture going through books and political documents, visiting a sick worker, and surrounded by workers who want to elect her. Mourad comes back after the foreign experts were forced to leave Egypt in 1956 and he becomes the production manager in one of the factories. Zainab turns out to be on the production committee of the same factory and they meet again. Zainab 's philosophy in life appears to be less hypocritical than Mourad 's. The years he went away left her sore. She says,"I learnt that he who has a wound in his heart is better than he who has a stone, that the working hand is more blessed than the full hand, and that the healing soul is worthier than the one that oppresses"(1. 35). When Zainab agrees to go with Mourad to his house, the director and the playwright argue about the scene. The playwright does not want Zainab to lose the sympathy of the audience, whereas the director presents his Manichean view that there should be a victim and an oppressor. Afterwards, Zainab tells Mourad that she is pregnant and then his ugly face

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