Analysis Of The Movie Zootopia

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In the film Zootopia we see right off the back how a society is shown it may look happy on the outside but picture can be misleading. Although race plays a big part in the movie what I didn’t notice before reading Sir Thomas Moore’s Utopia was that it was much more than that. It was about the society and how people views never really change. Even though the predators and prey lived in peace for many year the prey still felt some way about the predators. Zootopia was very large but the people there had hidden resentment toward each other. This goes with the first quotes “They are generally more set on acquiring new kingdoms, right or wrong than on governing well those possess”. Zootopia full of tall beautiful building but the people there were still unhappy. Zootopia looked at the fox who was knowing for being a tricky but never looked at why he does what he does. Society always look at the criminal and crime but never why he may have committed these crimes. If a man steals to feed his family is he really a thief or someone trying to provide for his family? The mayor in Zootopia is what we call the wrong person in charge. He may have seemed nice to the people but in actuality he was a bully picking on the weak. A king should be a philosopher someone who understands people and how to treat them. Zootopia is just a cartoon version of America and how it is run today. You see corruption in the movie where they hid information from the people. I think a society cannot be
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