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In the film This is England the little main protagonist, Shaun, has experience vast changes over the course of the movie. In the beginning, Shaun appears to be a sweet little boy that had a hard time fitting in at his school and for this reason he was bullied from older boys. “Like most 11-year-old kids who wore jumpers with animals on, I got bullied by the older kids at school. So I looked for my own tribe to join. ” (Meadows, 2007) In fact, Shaun meets Woody who introduced him to his gang and gains new friends. Referring back to Meadows’ words, Shaun just wanted to be part of something and have a group of friends to hang out with, and his transformation into a skinhead made this possible. Shane Meadows goes in further details in…show more content…
However, in the middle of the movie, a new character joins the narration, an ex-convict man called Combo. Combo promoted to stand up for English’s roots and for him jobs are taken away from Englishman and given to immigrants who don’t deserve them. So he established a racist and aggressive skinhead gang that caused a lot of problems in the town. Shaun decides to join Combo’s gang because he wanted to make his father proud that was killed in the Flanklands war, and this can be deduced by Combo when he said: “ and you want your dad’s life to mean something. Don’t you…” Although, I don’t think that making his father proud was the only reason. In fact, in Shaun’s life there has been a lack of a father figure, which he suffered from, and so when he meets Combo, and he tells him that he is going to take care of him, Shaun decided to take him as a role model to follow. As a result Combo becomes the father figure in his life and decided to follow his nationalism idea. Combo taught Shaun to be violent and racist against non-English people because according to Combo they were inferior and bad for the community. Furthermore, Shaun with Combo’s gang participates to a meeting hosted by right-winged National Front, which actively promoted ethnic
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