Analysis Of The Movie'sicko ' By Michael Moore

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Imagine a nation where one did not have to worry about deductibles, high monthly insurance rates, and being denied health care. Is this possible? Can the United States (U.S.) have this or is such a nation fiction? Michael Moore, known documentary filmmaker, set out on a mission. This mission was featured in his documentary, Sicko. The mission consisted of multiple rhetorical strategies to disclose the positive and negative effects of socialized health care. The great thing about this topic is that it’s applicable to a wide audience. From teenagers just starting to get health insurance, to people midway through their life that may have been burned by the industry, to seniors that need to still work in their eighties to pay off their health care bills. Moore gives good insight to both sides of the argument, and allows the audience to examine all factors. Through many accounts of Moore’s credibility, emotional connections, and pure facts; the audience is strongly convinced that the U.S. should move to a socialized health care system.
Moore is a very well known documentary filmmaker, journalist, actor, and left wing political activist. Although, many audience members may have a preconceived idea on how credible Moore is, he does a great job in re-establishing credibility to his audience throughout the film. One example is his appearance in the film in general. Moore appears a number of times throughout his film, especially when he goes on “hunts” in other countries to de-bunk

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