Analysis Of The Multinational Enterprise, Apple Inc.

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This research paper entails an in-depth analysis of the multinational enterprise, Apple Inc. The goal is to illustrate how this company functions as a whole and how it is a leader in the technology industry. The research has been done by exploring the firm’s products, competitive position in the market, financial performance and foreign operations. A financial sample has been included to paint a picture of the company’s good standing in the year 2013. After examining these core factors, it is clear the Apple Inc. is a successful multinational company that has set a standard for the future of technology through its products. The company’s culture and modern marketing techniques highlight the importance of the strong foundation the company is built of. This research will provide important information that shows the company’s strategy that has numerously proven its succession. Apple Inc. is in good standing presently and forecasted to do the same in the years to come and mark a legacy for the modern era.

Keywords: multinational, innovations, modern

Technology has advanced the world in such a way that it has eliminated cultural barriers. The credit for this goes to companies that innovate ideas through their products. A multinational enterprise called Apple Inc. is a vivacious company that has revolutionized the world. This company creates and produces computers, media devices and mobile phones in the information technology industry. Apple Inc.
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