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The Marquee match up in the 2017 NBA Finals will surround Lebron James vs. Stephen Curry. Despite not matching up positions wise, James and Curry will meet in their third consecutive NBA Finals, having split the pair. Just like in a good ol' fashion game of 1 on 1, the third game decides the tie break. Positions wise, James and Kevin Durant will be the main story of the finals with Curry and Kyrie Irving holding equal importance. But perhaps the most impactful match up is Klay Thompson and J.R Smith. The Warriors have a big 4, while the Cavaliers have a traditional big 3. Contrary to popular belief, a big 4 is not what the Warriors have had throughout these playoffs. In the postseason, Klay Thompson has averaged a meager 14.4 points per…show more content…
The stark contrast between both players may not even be in their pure production level, but rather in their confidence. J.R Smith's confidence seems to be at an all time high. Klay Thompson's seems to be at its lowest point since his rookie and sophomore seasons, if that. Their roles in the offense differ, however. J.R Smith plays about 25 minutes a game, to Klay's 35. Thompson is looked upon to do more for Golden State, which includes but is not limited to: guarding the opposing team's best perimeter player, coming off screens for threes, and a higher volume of shots attempted. However, it is J.R Smith who's production will be more vital. The Cavaliers thankfully have many safety nets for Smith in the event of lackluster play. The addition of Kyle Korver gives Cleveland flexibility at the 2 guard spot, with a deadeye three point shooter who can keep up with the likes of the splash brothers in the long ball department. A defensive liability admittedly, the Cavs also have Iman Shumpert at their disposal. A great defender who plays better off ball defense than Smith, "Shump" often times has a sporadic offensive game which comes and goes. J.R Smith will be the bearer of tremendous burden. Looked upon to be that fourth scorer for Cleveland's front line, Smith will have to come into the lineup prepared to play smart above all things, and execute at an efficient rate. The Warriors also have flexibility and

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