Analysis Of The Narrative ' The ' Of The Farm '

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Sylvia is the protagonist of the narrative. From her name alone one can gather that she is a very rural girl, her name meaning woodsy. She is a young, nine year old girl, previously from a busy manufacturing town who moves in with her grandmother to a calm, peaceful farm. Sylvia has a true bond with nature and “it seemed as if she never had been alive at all before she came to live at the farm” (Jewett 527). Her youth and love for nature make Sylvia such an innocent girl who does not have to experience society since she is protected by the farm. The farm is her safe haven, where she can be independent and truly be one with nature. Although she is marginalized since she is poor, a girl, and less focused on the outside society, she finds happiness in being excluded.
The narrative takes place in a rural community where Sylvia and her grandmother live that represents their independence, womanhood, and peace. Their community is made up of women, and it is very calm. Sylvia in this community finds peace compared to her old home in the manufacturing city she states, “this was a beautiful place to live in” and that “she never should wish to go home” (Jewett 527). In her new home Sylvia also found that she had independence and freedom, she had all the time in the world to wander. Often times Sylvia would go out and explore her community, “there was never such a child for straying about out-doors since the world was made” (Jewett 527). Sylvia and her grandmother have such a peaceful
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