Analysis Of The National Emergency Training Center

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On Saturday, January 7th I interviewed Amy Beard. Amy is a program manager for FEMA in Emmitsburg, Maryland at the National Emergency Training Center or known as NETC. Amy has worked at NETC for eighteen years and two years as a supervisor. Currently, there are ten full-time employees signed to her work contract with her. As her job, her employees and her offer online training courses in emergency preparedness and maintain student records, as well as run a customer service department. After interviewing Amy, I learned more beneficial information about small group communication, especially in a work setting. At Amy’s work, I noticed that there is the use of the hierarchy of traditional organizations. Weekly the company will have conference …show more content…

She also mentioned that she looks for people who can adapt quickly to change. I found this beneficial because when I go to a job interview, I will know what employers are looking for. However, I found two other questions to be beneficial. Another question was, “How is information distributed to organizational members?” Amy expressed that information was distributed to organizational members through email and occasionally through phone calls. I was very satisfied with this answer because as a young adult I grew up with technology so I have always found it easier to use technology such as email and texting to be simpler than calling someone. Lastly, I found one question to be beneficial to me. The last question I found beneficial was, “How is small group communication exhibited in this organization?” As a current college student who is working towards a career, I find it interesting to know how other organizations use small group communication in their organization. After taking this class, I have learned that small group communication is better than individual work. Amy responded to my question that each week she has one on one meetings with employees to check if there are any problems that need to be addressed. I love this idea because it lets the employees feel that they can express

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