Analysis Of The Necklace

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“The Necklace” Analysis Plot Analysis - The plot analysis of (Exposition) “The Necklace” by Guy de Maupassant, take place in the late 1800s when Mathilde Loisel and her husband decides to go to a ball. The importance of the place is so you can fully appreciate how royal Mathilde is supposed to be at the ball, and let me tell you, she pulls it off. She was the most beautiful woman there, but surprisingly it wasn 't the necklace that made her shine that night. She already had beauty, all she needed was a splendid dress to wear, gorgeous shoes, and of course her hair beautifully styled for the ball. The main character in “The Necklace” is considered a round character. She was one of those…show more content…
(Resolution) When Mathilde faces Madame Forestier, she explains how she lost the necklace and how she and her husband went to every jeweller to try to find a necklace exactly like it. However, Madame Forestier interrupts Mathilde by saying that the necklace only cost 500 france, when Mathilde paid a total of 36,000 france over the span of ten long years, to replace the one she lost. I think I would have been sick to my stomach about that. Character Analysis The main character in the story is Mathilde. She was the prettiest one at the ball, fashionable, gracious, smiling with wild joy, and dancing madly. She gave no thought to anything or anyone, as if her head were in the clouds. She was lost in her beauty and full of herself. Mathilde is a round character, she was a charming, pretty girl, born into a family of clerks, as if by a mistake of fate. Poor Mathilde, a beautiful lady that just doesn 't have the stuff to show off. Who could blame her for feeling embarrassed? I wouldn 't want to invite guests to my apartment either if it was filled with ugly furniture, horrible drapes, and a nasty, unspaced kitchen. Mathilde is also a dynamic character, “Her friend gave a cry, “Oh poor Mathilde, how you’ve changed!” All Mathilde could say was, “Yes, I’ve had a hard time since last seeing you,” (Guy de Maupassant). Mathilde’s whole purpose in the story is that she just
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