Analysis Of The New 2015 Budweiser ' Lost Puppy '

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Budweiser “Lost Puppy” This is an analysis of the new 2015 Budweiser “Lost Puppy” commercial ad. This ad was interesting, the speaker is obviously Budweiser; however, typical beer ads would focus on American audiences over the age of 21. The commercial has no spoken language so it can apply to any language and any country as long as the same kind of values demonstrated visually are shared. The audience is not as broad as beer drinkers; maybe it’s a specific kind of beer drinkers as well. Perhaps one who has affection for puppies? One who buys into the classic American dream style image of sharing a cold brew with a buddy next to your dog and horse. If that sounds nice to you, you’re their target audience. Their purpose is obviously simple; sell more beer. But the way they have all wrapped it up is interesting. It begins with a Caucasian male, maybe an American in his 30’s, wearing a hat saying “Budweiser.” This scene says multiple things about Budweiser, Budweiser is for hard workers, Budweiser is for cowboys, etc. Then in the next scene a puppy suddenly emerges from a haystack, from that moment the audience becomes attached to the puppy. It turns into an emotional commercial in that moment where the puppy pops out of the haystack. That puppy that we’ve become attached to runs outside since it’s typical for a little puppy to be curious, and that horse gives him a little neigh so that continuous to foster the relationship between the two animals. These two have

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